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Case studies

Ayman Zahafi (Track&Field)

Ayman needed help with his overall communication. We got in touch with him and met in his hometown, Casablanca (Morocco). We followed him during one of his workouts and created diverse content to showcase on his social media. Below you can find some pictures, a video, and a graphic design we made on his behalf.

Club Rachad Bernoussi (Football)

The Moroccan club needed some help with taking pictures and creating visuals at one of their championship games for their social media. Our team created a result graphic design as well as multiple photographs they were able to use on their accounts.

Kelvin Ray (Judo)

U18 Judo World Championship runner-up Kelvin Ray needed help with his global communication. Because his ultimate goal is to qualify for the 2028 Olympics, we have deciced to become his communication sponsors by creating high-quality custom designs and enhancing his contents.

Alexis Renard (Judo)

When French judo specialist Alexis Renard qualified for the 2024 Junior European Cup in the -66kg division, he approached us for a graphic design to share with his fans. After exploring his preferred style, we decided on an impressive central image of him with a detailed background reminiscent of Rijeka, Croatia. He shared it on his social media and saw a 35% increase in non-follower accounts reached!